Over the last decade, jones|kroloff has led dozens of design competitions and selection processes, each specfically tailored to the needs of their clients. Following is a selection of our recent projects, with a brief description of the challenge our clients faced. We've grouped the projects into typical selection process structures. Perhaps you'll see a client or a project that parallels your own; perhaps not. Either way, we'd be delighted to talk about tailoring a process that is correct for you.


Designing the High Line
New York, NY

Focusing on new uses for a long abandoned, elevated railway on Manhattan's West Side, this competition sought to give an industrial artifact new life--and in so doing, give the surrounding neighborhoods new life too.

September 11th Memorial Competition for the Pentagon
Washington, DC

This competition identified a fitting tribute to the men and women who lost their lives that infamous morning.

Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

How should New Orleans rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? This competition provided examples of how to build sustainably in the Lower Ninth Ward--and other communities as well.



Case Western Reserve University Campus Center
Cleveland, OH

Positioned at the heart of the university's campus, the design of the new Campus Center will have a tremendous impact on the student body and their experience at Case for decades to come.

Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art
Cleveland, OH

As contemporary art continues to evolve it also continues to challenge conventions of curating and display. Cleveland MOCA wanted to identify an emerging firm that could bring a fresh new perspective to the issue.

Whitney Museum of American Art
New York, NY

After two unsuccessful attempts to secure an architect they could work with, the Whitney Museum embarked on a third search. Today, the architect they chose will help redefine and expand the Whitney.


The City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge
New York, NY | Chicago, IL | Los Angeles, CA

How will the world's burgeoning population and rapidly changing technology shape the cities of tomorrow? This competition, executed in conjunction with The History Channel's series "Engineering an Empire," gave 26 designers one week to imagine the future.

Voelcker Park
San Antonio, TX

The design of Central Park in 1858 transformed New York City forever. Today, the city of San Antonio seeks a comparably compelling park. What blend of recreation and environmental uses will create a compelling 21st Century landscape?

Yale School of Management
New Haven, CT

While business has transformed rapidly over the last decades, business education has not. Yale aims to remedy that with a restructured School of Management curriculum, and a new home that facilitates it.



Jose Vasconcuelos National Library of Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

Like our own Library of Congress, the National Library of Mexico is the nation's repository of its written culture. More than 800 architects from around the world competed to give Mexico its new national icon.

West End Pedestrian Bridge Competition
Pittsburgh, PA

Located at the headwaters of the Ohio River, this pedestrian bridge will complete a continuous waterfront walkway and provide an iconic perch from which to look back at the city.